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MeHi, I’m Dave Jones

I’m happily married to my wife, Emma, we don’t have children yet, so we’re making do with a tank of tropical fish.

I’m 41, and accountant (yes, I know, its boring, but it pays).

When I was at Halton College in Widnes, my original plans were to get involved in computer programming & IT systems by studying for a BTEC Ordinary National Diploma in Computer Studies, however at the end of the first year, only two of the class passed all the exams and the college decided it wasn’t worth running a second year, so we ended up having to go to another college to finish it. We moved to Millbank College in Liverpool for the second year and during this, one of the required subjects was accountancy to GCE ‘O’ level standard which I did and found so easy, I decided to study that instead.

I moved to the North East Wales Institute of Higher Education to study for a BTEC Higher National Diploma in Business Studies which was a 3 year course. During the summer breaks, I worked at a local chemical firm developing a computer package to calculate efficiency variances for manufacturing processes.

When I completed my HND, I was looking for work and wrote to a local accountancy firm and was asked when could I start. Since then I’ve worked in public practice at two firms, currently at HW, Chartered Accountants.

I’m still have an interest (some may call it an obsession) with computers and IT, I spend a fair amount of time at work dealing with IT queries either internally, or on behalf of clients, or looking at the best ways of using the available IT systems.

At home, I use Linux, currently Ubuntu 7.10 on my laptop and the household server which acts as print-server and data storage system. I’ve got one machine that dual boots with Windows XP, although thats gathering dust.

My first experience of Linux was a “drop myself in at the deep end” using Slackware 10.2 which I installed deliberately deleting Window, I’d done a bit of reading and decided that Slackware was going to be difficult, but because it was mostly command line based, it would be good to learn on. I stuck with that for about 6 months, before moving to Ubuntu Dapper Drake and I’ve stayed with that because it suits everything I need.


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