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Rugby Club Bought out

After the depression of the last couple of weeks with the club losing in the promotion to superleague playoff, going into administration, seeing players and coaches move to other clubs, there was good news in the last few days.

The club has been bought by a local multimillionaire businessman who recently sold his business for about £25 million to the group that owns Eddie Stobarts Transport.

Added to that was the news that the coach from the last two seasons has been released from his new contract after less than a week to return to the club.

Hopefully this week, we’ll see the start of a team being signed, with a number of players who’ve held off signing for other clubs still being available and hopefully wanting to return to the club.


Widnes RLFC

One of my main interests is Widnes Rugby League, I spend most sundays during the season watching my home town team.

Unfortunately, the team failed to get promoted into the Super League, losing in the playoff final and just after that went into administration.

Today, hopefully is the day the fans will find out whether the club has been saved and if it has, who the new owners will be.

An announcement is needed soon, otherwise, there won’t be a coach or any players left for them to sign for next season.